Why Your Brand Should Be Blogging!

steve geibel


If you look hard enough, you can find a blog about almost anything. There are cooking blogs, pet blogs, “mommy blogs”, blogs about biking, hiking, astronomy, gear, cars, appliances, macramé, underwater basket weaving –you name it, and someone out there is writing about it. Would you believe that a new blog is created somewhere in the world about every half second? No wonder the Internet is teaming with over 150 million weblogs! For good reason too, because people are hungry for content. In fact, over 20% read more than one blog every day, many discover new products or services through blogs, and many base buying decisions on what they read. And those are just the personal blogs!

What You Need Is A Business Blog.

So, what is a business blog? Think of Business Blogging as just one more marketing channel, and a critical part of your inbound/content marketing plan…

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