Small Businesses, learn how to use content to market your business, sooner the better!


“In the digital age, every business is in the publishing industry.” – I picked it up from an article in Haffington Post and is absolutely a fact.


We are in a bloody complicated marketing ecosystem these days. The market and economy we live and work today are radically different from the ones in which many of us started. It’s not news that the landscapes of media buying and selling are fast changing. Availability of diverse platforms to consume media/ data/ news/ information or changed usage behavior of the readers/ consumers is another complicated subject. No one seems to have found a must-work or must-do model as yet, and I don’t see there will be a readymade solution to fit for all will ever be possible in the future. Which is why, it is not only the media owners, traditional or new, but also the marketing bosses are confused with…

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