How to Develop a CONTEXTUAL Content Strategy

Fur Coats No Knickers

There are lots of arguments about what creativity means but when it comes to advertising, one thing is for sure – creativity without purpose is pretty pointless!

Because it’s not enough to do something just because you can, because it’s the newest ‘thing’, because it’s #trending or just looks damn cool. Great work needs to have a defined purpose and a specific set of tangible goals. So, naturally, when we talk about ‘creativity with purpose’, ‘content with purpose’ also falls under that umbrella.

One Strategy to Rule them All?

There has also been an awful lot of hoopla over the last few years about how ‘content is king’. And yes, content is really, really important. However, we live in a time when the biggest content providers in the world, don’t actually produce any of the stuff themselves. A world in which the old models of advertising are dying and the…

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