50 Ways to Build Your Business: Find Your Five Words

Working Mama Media

I love you so much.

You are an amazing friend.

You have changed my life.

This lasagna is the best!

Five little words, but all of them carry a lot of power.

Often, when I’m working with new clients on a content strategy, I’ll ask them to tell me five words that they want people to associate with their business. These aren’t keywords, but are often words used to describe the business, the people within the business, or the service they provide.

I work with a construction company, and their five words are: trustworthy, in demand, efficient, thinking outside of the box, nice.

In addition to building a brand’s image with keywords (which we’ll talk about in a later blog post), choosing your five words (or phrases, as is the case for the construction company) is important. You want people to use these words to describe you. But in order…

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