Transmedia Universe

the klopper clapper

It seems that in today’s entertainment society, many shows are spawning lives of their own outside of the traditional single platform. In other words: Harry Potter is a franchise filled with books, movies, merchandise, and fantastical lands. Star Trek has its comic books, television shows, movies, and rides (the one at the Las Vegas Hilton for anyone who was fortunate enough to experience!). The Matrix saw the story spawn across movies and videogames, and Dawson’s Creek even witnessed blog entries from the “characters” themselves. The list can go on and on for current programming: any Disney movie, Parks and Recreation and so on and so forth.


It’s fascinating the amount of detail, continuity, and fidelity all these storyworlds maintain to their original story universes. To break that last sentence down a little better, take the Marvel Universe. Within the Marvel Universe there’s marvel worlds, so Thor, Iron Man, Hulk…

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