Leather label tags for Newslyweds


Hello everyone,

C'estSuperbe labeltag
This week we aim our spotlight on the Dutch Etsy Shop CestSuperbe. A great and funny Etsy shop. The owner of the shop is expressing just what nice luggage tags are all about.They bring joy and smiles in the world, especially when you’re not expecting it.Very humorous and funny lines are printed on leather tags, to put on your luggage or other bags.
The Etsy shop C’estSuperbe offers fun and out of the ordinary products that are that are good for the soul (laughing is good for you!) and pleasing on the eye. The owner first created these tags as gift for a close family member so they wouldn’t always lose track of their suitcase (they’re all black…) but they had also recently gotten engaged. She put the two together and voila, the idea was born. A ‘Mr. and Mrs. ….’ tag followed as a special gift as it so eloquently captured the joining of 2 lives in one family name.

Take your time to read the tags. Just imagine what it will be like at the airport at check-in, while you’re waiting
for your bag or at the hotel.
Congratulations on the Wedding! Label tag suitcase for Newlyweds

Enjoy and have a great day!!

Marilyn Grando


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