The Importance of Aligning Content to Each Stage of the Buyer’s Journey

Aubrey Beck

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This post originally appeared on the Salted Stone blog.

Here at Salted Stone we often find ourselves in meetings with clients who have come to us looking for a quick fix to their website conversion challenges. They know the traditional outbound marketing tactics they’ve been relying on don’t work as effectively as they used to, and they’re anxious to get up and running with a solid content marketing game plan to spark new sales.

The challenge for us is that many of these clients don’t realize that in order to gain the most value from their investment with us, it’s essential that our team takes the time to map out a content marketing strategy that is based on research and actual customer information.

We find that many new clients expect us to jump in and start producing content immediately based on…

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Why Your Brand Should Be Blogging!

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If you look hard enough, you can find a blog about almost anything. There are cooking blogs, pet blogs, “mommy blogs”, blogs about biking, hiking, astronomy, gear, cars, appliances, macramé, underwater basket weaving –you name it, and someone out there is writing about it. Would you believe that a new blog is created somewhere in the world about every half second? No wonder the Internet is teaming with over 150 million weblogs! For good reason too, because people are hungry for content. In fact, over 20% read more than one blog every day, many discover new products or services through blogs, and many base buying decisions on what they read. And those are just the personal blogs!

What You Need Is A Business Blog.

So, what is a business blog? Think of Business Blogging as just one more marketing channel, and a critical part of your inbound/content marketing plan…

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How to Boost Content Strategy with Social Intelligence

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The interesting and engaging content has become the necessity for inbound marketing. But it’s not easy to create quality content that is useful as per the audience’s need and requirement. So, how to make content interesting and relevant for the audience?

By using social intelligence, marketers find insights they want to create content that leaves an impact on their readers and audience.

Content Strategy with Social Intelligence

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How Will Marketing Look in 10 Years? A Fun Friday Thought Experiment

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Over the next decade, marketing will continue to evolve away from a push model and toward a pull model. The struggles to reach your ideal buyers when you want them will prove even more challenging over time. They will look for you when they need you. The secret will be to be where they are, with what they want, when they want it.

To some degree, this effectively removes timeliness from the equation. You won’t need to be at the right place at the right time. Instead, you will need to have answered their question before they ask it. It doesn’t have to be right now. It just has to have been before right now.

The content space will continue to get crowded and noisy. The importance of value and quality will only increase. The brand that provides the best answer to the question will win.

Marketers will need…

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Content Marketing Playbook – A 7 Step How To Guide To Growing Your Blog & Audience

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Content Marketing Playbook –A 7 Step How To Guide To Growing Your Blog & Audience

When you begin your content marketing you are bombarded with what to do next. This post is going to hopefully help you break those down into a simple 7 step process in which you can execute often.

1.Know Your Audience – Find An Audience

First things first, you have to know your market and who you are going to be writing to. They are called Buyer Personas.

Finding a target market for your Buyer Personas is not nearly as hard as it sounds.

Take away the SEO terminology and you are left with a normal marketing method that has been around for years. Think of it like this. If you are looking to market a simple widget then it may sound good to say everyone would love my brownies. That is not the reality though. Even though everyone…

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4 tips to build a powerful corporate content strategy

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Centermark Insights

Today, potential customers navigate the online kingdom through a myriad of online channels and devices. As a result, it’s more important than ever for businesses to post relevant and attention grabbing content to build authenticity and trust with the customer.

Here are some of our best tips for getting the most out of your Corporate content strategy. If you’re a franchisee owner, these tips may apply to you too.

Choose your words wisely

The text you use for your website content is critical for search engines. Ensure your customers find you by adding keywords and phrases relevant to your business and customers. Remember, write for the customer first, then the search engines.

Sharing is caring

Give your followers a reason to connect with you online. Share fresh content across your social networking site and use catchy headlines to attract the attention of your consumers. Need some inspiration? Engage your social users by sharing how-to articles…

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