Want your brand to build credibility? Use Content Marketing!

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Content Marketing allows brands to plough through the noise with current and highly relevant high-quality content that speaks directly to the target audience.

You can build a brand from scratch or re-position an existing one by having a well-crafted content strategy. A Content Marketing strategy will ensure you’re standing out for sticking to your brand values (which will come-through in all the activities you’ll be engaging in), using the right tone and most importantly that your company will be  sought out both by search engines and real people – why? because you are sharing content that truly matters to your followers.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the creation and sharing of content (with a large focus on social-media as the distribution platforms), as a way of engaging with followers, developing leads and establishing a brand personality.

Some of the most commonly used formats of content marketing are:

  • articles, videos, blogs, info-graphics, case-studies…

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The case for a voice, tone and style guide

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Originally posted on Digital Done Write:

Lauren Pope, Gather Content

Lauren Pope loves voice, tone and style guides. Me too.

It started for Lauren on her first day working in content; the style guide she was given was like a printed A4 comfort blanket, “giving me reassurance and confidence.” And her love hasn’t diminished over the years either; “I still find them invaluable for writing and editing, and I see them as part of the foundation for a solid content programme.”

In a recent post, she wrote: Despite this, they’re not a part of the content ecosystem that we talk about a lot, and there’s a surprising amount of complacency about voice, tone and style. I regularly come across brands that:

  • Don’t have a set of guidelines at all
  • Have guidelines that aren’t fit for purpose
  • have guidelines that sit ignored on a shared drive.

If you fit into any of these categories, I’d like to try and win…

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Putting the “Strategy” in Content Strategy

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Creating Shareworthy Content

Social media – visuals matter! Great photographs can be turned into videos, and in general, pictures and videos share more than text alone. Also, think of ways to integrate both print and digital content. We thought that digital would complete displace print materials, but it turns out that that’s not the case. Using a combination of both shows greater returns. You are likely to address a bigger audience this way. Perhaps young adults are glued to their laptops and smartphones, but the more mature generations would find it more enjoyable to pick up a magazine and browse through that.

In today’s digital age, the length of your content matters greatly. Brevity is key, and it’s important to choose your words carefully. While not every piece needs to be brief, every word counts.

Stuck on a problem? Crowdsourcing is the new great way to engage the public and ask…

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Good Reads of the Week: Content Marketing Edition

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Originally posted on Carly Bonilla-Flores:

It’s been a while since I’ve posted – my apologies! I just recently relocated to the Bay Area from SoCal, so things have been busy to say the least. But I’m back and, as always, excited about digital marketing. So let’s ease into the week with some good advice on how to increase engagement and credibility through thoughtful content marketing!

Visual Content Marketing: How it Works, Why it Works, and How to Make it Work For You by Danny Blackburn (via StickyEyes)

    To start us off is a thorough and straight-forward intro to the fundamentals of visual content marketing. This a great read whether you’re just starting out with visual content marketing or if you want to update and improve on your current strategy (I’m currently experiencing the latter!). 

Why Your Freelance Business Needs a Content Creation Process by Brett Henley (via ContentStandard by Skyword)

    This article is for those solo…

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That Moment When a Vacation by the Sea Collides With the Arrival of Refugees

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Originally posted on Kindness Blog:

Holidaymakers in bikinis and trunks rally round, roused from their day in the sun to attend to thin and near dead-looking migrants from Africa who have turned up on shore after traveling across seas for up to 1000km.

refugees kindnessPhotographer: Arturo Rodriguez. Location: La Tejita beach (Tenerife)

In the photo above, one woman calls out for help as her friend supports a man wrapped in a blanket, huddling with exhaustion, trauma and dehydration.

Tourists, security forces, and Red Cross workers attended to African migrants who landed on La Tejita beach. Tens of thousands of migrants arrived in small wooden boats with up to 150 people on board. They faced a sea journey of some 1,000km, and many arrived starving, dehydrated, or died on the way.

Some migrants were repatriated, others were sent to mainland Spain, but many ended up in limbo, unable to gain work papers yet unwilling to go home. 

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