Brands In The Digital Age

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Rich Keith a well-known journalist, editor and publisher, conducted a talk at Bath Spa University about how to build brands in the digital age. After the lecture I decided to do my own research and add to the discussion on the web. I knew this was going to be an interesting topic as branding has changed over the last few years.

Before the internet was created, traditional branding mediums included TV, radio, magazines, newspapers and cinemas and it involved more of the company and what they wanted their brand to advertise for them. Technology has brought about new cultures and behaviours over the last 10-20 years, has this changed how people perceive brands?

Havas Media conducted research that reveals, most people worldwide would not care if 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow. This means that companies have to rethink their strategy when it comes to branding, as it is now more…

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The Ripple Effect: transmedia strategy at work

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A few months ago, I posted about my transmedia strategy and how I would use different social media platforms to promote and share my work.  The concept is simple:  use a blog or website to share portfolio work, and then spread it further through professional and personal social networks.  So that is exactly what I did.  

I recently posted about my conceptual project, the Bridgeport Smilebooth here on the site.  I then sent the link out via twitter, and the next day received a phone call from Casey Cora, a reporter for DNA Info to talk about the project.  The write up is here, and I’m overwhelmed by the positive response and encouragement I’ve received.

My school picked up on it, and have been promoting the DNA Info piece on their own social media platforms, and if that wasn’t enough I received an email from a booking…

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Are you ready for transmedia?

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DaydreamingOkey dokey.  I’ve pretty much got the Facebook thing down. And I’ve been known to Tweet fascinating facs about my latest books and such. I’ve even been known to whip up a book trailer or two. Obviously, I’ve made a stab at blogging, as you can tell. So when I read an article in the latest Romance Writer’s Report about getting on the transmedia bandwagon I naturally said, “Er…the WHAT?”

After reading up on the topic I can tell you that transmedia is all the rage with technosavvy readers and writers. As I understand it, transmedia is a way authors use multiple media plaforms to enhance their stories. Examples?

-interactive ebooks that expand on the printed book

-online episodes with supplementary material

-web comics

-blogs “written” by secondary characters

-fictional websites for points of interest in your novel.

All the examples are ways to help expand the story so readers can…

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Transmedia Universe

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It seems that in today’s entertainment society, many shows are spawning lives of their own outside of the traditional single platform. In other words: Harry Potter is a franchise filled with books, movies, merchandise, and fantastical lands. Star Trek has its comic books, television shows, movies, and rides (the one at the Las Vegas Hilton for anyone who was fortunate enough to experience!). The Matrix saw the story spawn across movies and videogames, and Dawson’s Creek even witnessed blog entries from the “characters” themselves. The list can go on and on for current programming: any Disney movie, Parks and Recreation and so on and so forth.


It’s fascinating the amount of detail, continuity, and fidelity all these storyworlds maintain to their original story universes. To break that last sentence down a little better, take the Marvel Universe. Within the Marvel Universe there’s marvel worlds, so Thor, Iron Man, Hulk…

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A World Through Lo-Fi: Using Filters on Your Images

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Earlier this month, we discussed cropping as a quick fix to your images. Since Instagram, Hipstamatic, and similar photo apps and editors are so popular, let’s talk about using the filters on these types of tools,…

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Focused on Fiction: Five Storytelling Tips

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November — and with it, NaNoWriMo — might be drawing to a close, but fiction writers don’t stop telling stories just because another page is torn from the calendar. And whatever the season, slapping sentences into a compelling narrative is never easy.

We’ve all heard the common axioms recited to writers everywhere: “Write everyday!” “Show, don’t tell!” “Write about what you know!” Sometimes, though, it’s a good idea to try something different to get the creative juices flowing in new directions. Here are five writing tips that might sound counterintuitive at first, but could potentially help you cross a word-count threshold, smash through a writer’s block, or just come up with a new story idea.

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The Perks Of Transmedia

The Perks Of Transmedia.